Natacha Fidler

Natacha Fidler : Painter & ceramicist

The “Atelier FIDLER” is a love story, a human adventure, a ceramicist legend.

The story starts after the war, with the meeting of two artists ceramicists, Edith and Eugene – From their love a child is born : Nathalie who became Natacha as a ceramicist when adult !

Happy three Fidler’s, they were close to great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Roger Capron, Jean Derval.

Eugene dies in 1990, but his work and spirit remains in Roussillon.
It cuddles his wife’s work, it inspires his daughter’s ingenious ideas, it inspires their words, their humour and glazes, without imposing. Natacha prefers the softness of ocres tones.

Her delicate drawings, tenderly send messages to her father’s dreamer’s world.