Eugène Fidler

His life

Eugène Fidler (1910-1990) was born in Russia, he became a French citizen, and very young, he chose his spiritual, esthetical and sentimental country where main cities such as Nice, Vallauris, Barcelona, Lisbonne are his bases to live and create…In the sixties he chose to definitly settle in Roussillon en Provence.

It is there, without forgetting neither ceramic nor painting, that he works with a new pleasure into the allusive art of collage, which allows him to invent what a writer called a “imaginative folklore” and this will seduce many collectioners during his different exhibitions.
Painting, engraving pastel, watercolor and enchanter ceramicist, what has’nt he experienced by his talented gifts?

His Artwork

" ... This man had been so close to some of the greatest creators of
our times. He frequented Pablo Picasso and Samuel Beckett,
Henri Hayden and Jean Cocteau. He had been in the midst of the
golden age of Vallauris, and had exhibited in the major capitals of
the world. He also practically invented the art of collage, or at
least reinvented this art and suffused it with his own individual
style. But for all this, Fidler was the most affable man and the
least affected person you could hope to meet. ..."

Forword extract from the book "EUGENE FIDLER, artiste libre"

by Simonne and Jean LACOUTURE